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“Julius is a great sound designer - very creative - he works really hard and he has a great ear for detail... John Dinwoodie (media professional and psychotherapist)


“I cannot recommend Julius highly enough. He’s a dedicated, ultra creative and talented guy. I hope I get a chance to work with him again.”

David G. Hill (film editor)..


"Overall I consider Julius as a real professional and what makes him a great asset to any company is that not only he's hard working, he's highly skilled as well as talented.."

Nick Adams (Supervising sound designer)

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Throughout the years in film and TV industries I've developed quite a unique style of sound design and mixing. My musical education allows me to create engaging and immersive diegetic sound scapes and effects that enrich the projects I'm working on.

With more than fifteen years of professional work on spoken word I feel confident in dealing with any type of recording, however bad it would be. I love mixing in immersive audio formats and can deliver in up to Dolby Atmos  7.1.2

Julius Zubavicius

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