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My Jerome Dir. Adjani Salmon   
Re-recording mixer, Sound designer

My Jerome is a short film about a mother, faced with overwhelming evidence of her son's guilt in a violent crime, but determined to cling onto her belief in his innocence.

Dreaming Whilst Black 
Dir. Adjani Salmon                  (web Series 9episodes)     

Head of sound, sound Designer

Best web series in the "Web Series World cup" 2019

9 episode comedy/drama series about a young filmmaker who's facing racial discrimination in his career journey. Recorded and did the post.   

DAU Dir.  Ilya Khrzhanovsky       
ound designer, sound editor

A grandiose international coproduction in which I had a pleasure to work in various roles during three years of work in Phenomen films LTD. Acted as sound technician, Sound Editor, Foley Recordist and assistant sound designer on seven feature films of the project.   

I am Mia       Dir. Matthias Salzburger   (Short)  
Re-recording mixer, sound Designer

A controversial announcement pushes a boxer to fight for her name, her identity, and what is most important for her: the relationship with her daughter.

Playing Field   Dir. Edward Windus  (Short)  
Head of sound, sound designer

A fourteen year-old boy is bullied by two older boys, with unexpected results. 

Thicker Than Water 
Matthias Salzburger   (Short)     
Re-recording mixer, sound Designer

During their journey to prison, a tortured detective has to choose between bringing in his brother for a crime he actually committed, or offering yet another chance.

Hesperides     Dir. Laura Bacon, Jack Judd 
Re-recording mixer, sound Designer

Hesperides follows the crumbling life of Ian (Ben Cooper), a young hoarder who is obsessed with birds and flight. When unexpectedly interrupted by Sue (Laura Bacon), an interfering neighbour who comes to 'clean' his flat, their two worlds collide with devastating consequences.

 Kristina Buozyte    
Head of sound, sound Designer

Drama about disassociated daughter grieving  the deaf of father. Film was Awarded best film and nominated for best sound in Lithuanian National film awards. 

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