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In 2008 Julius obtained a Multimedia director BA degree, a sound designers qualification from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre academy, Film and Theatre faculty. His professional sound designer career continued in Lithuanian TV. He worked in reality shows and the advertising industry. His talent and technical skills were quickly noticed by major Lithuanian post production companies, which led to several years of collaborations. His BA sound design work, the feature film “Kolekcioniere” was nominated for Best Sound award in the Lithuanian national film awards. During his studies, Julius participated in five international workshops called “Summer media studio”, where he was multiple times nominated and once awarded first place for best sound

In 2011 Julius moved to London to further his film sound designer career. He made numerous feature and short films as a sound designer/composer. From 2012 to 2015 he worked in several roles as well as sound designer for the international co-production project “DAU”, directed by Ilya Chrizhynovsky of "Phenomen films". After "Phenomen Films" Julius was working freelance. In last years Julius career has successfully widened to co-directing animation shorts that have been nominated in multiple international film festivals. Currently Julius is self employed working in his studio in Hastings, UK


2010-present self employed Sound designer and Mixer @ "JuliuSound"

2023-2024 Dubbing Mixer at "VIACOM studios" UK

2013-2016 Sound designer at Phenomen films LTD, on project „DAU“ UK;
2008-2009 Sound designer, composer in advetising post production company „CGI Barakuda“(LT);
2006-2008 Live sound mixer at 6 LNK TV reality shows (LT);
2005-2006 Sou
nd designer, composer in post production company “Kino komanda” LT;
2004-2005 Sound recordist in video production company „Arteta“ (LT, LV).  

Best short film 
- Vilnius International film festival 2023, co-director and composer (nomination)

Best animation - Lithuanian national film awards 2022, co-director and composer (nomination)

Best sound – Lithuanian national film awards 2009, „Kolekcionierė“, dir. Buožytė; (nomination)
Best sound – international workshop „Summer media studio” 2008, LT;
Best sound – international workshop „Summer media studio” 2007, LT;  (nomination) 

Non format prise for script, directing and score at “Pravda” film festival, 2005 LT.

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