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Show analysis 
Artist Gabriele Gervickaite
Original sound track

Show analysis is a creative reflection On soviet tiems artist was born in to, an attempt to understand the influence of soviet imaginary upon the present times.

I created multimedia version of Gabriele's artwork

Naujo Airlines @London Jazz
With Dalius Naujokaitis and the gang

Concert in London Jazz Festival. 
Cammera: Eitvydas Doskus, Audrius Budrys

Vilnius LT, London UK

Brief Glimpses Of Beauty
Multimedia performance

To celebrate the life of Jonas Mekas, audiovisual artist Julius Zubavičius presents a multimedia performance, inspired by and based on Mekas’ As I Was Moving Ahead I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty (2000), the director’s most personal film...

Tiny London Movies
Together with Andres Del Cano

Clusters of people mechanically moving in organized directions. Which track are you on? What rhythm do you choose to hear? Systems, structures, schemes, and strategies, methods, models, plans, procedures, and patterns intertwined into one giant grid, unquestioningly equated to efficiency…

With Koffe  London UK

Online imorpovisation during Covid

KLIS - Unloading

Welf Door - Saxophone 

Dalius Naujokaitis -drums

Experimental band drawing influences from jazz, electronica and world music. Even though this music was recorded online between New York and London, it is spontaneous and interactive with lots of improvisation. I play keyboards and produce the tracks


Playing Nerve
Co-founder With Dalius Naujokaitis 

Concert in Peronas Jazz Festival. 
Cammera: Sebastiano Messina, Martynas Genkovas

Editing: Configure//Disfigure

Vilnius LT, London UK

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